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... is interested in Hydrogen Technologies?

... is looking for possible products regarding fuel cells?

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Choose the services offered in the HYTETA project.

The HYETRA partners promote the latest hydrogen and fuel cell related Europan technologies.


HYTETRA - Hydrogen Technology Transfer Project

Hydrogen and the correlated technologies are one of the most important topics presently discussed in the energy field. To date the main emphasis has been placed on the improvements produced by hydrogen technologies in several fields, but little has been done in transferring technologies.

HYTETRA creates opportunities for a mutual interaction among companies and technology providers. It provides tools that enable the companies to become aware of the market and of the technology trends in this sector. In the meantime HYTETRA puts them in touch with the most competent Hydrogen Centres of Excellence which can support them in the implementation of technical solutions.

So this project has the general aim of supporting European SMEs in facing the hydrogene technologies and being able to satisfy the new requested technical requirements.


Hydrogen and Fuel Cell related Technology Keywords

In order to characterise products and areas of acitiviy of companies and to classify technologies a four level key word list was devleloped. The list covers technology, sales as well as supply aspects.

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